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Nordic Music Days 2018: Seminar – Pedagogy and Equity in Teaching Composition for Young Students

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Over the course of past few months I have been preparing a Nordic seminar titled ”Pedagogy and Equity in Teaching Composition for Young Students”. The two-day seminar is arranged by the Society of Finnish Composers in the framework of Nordic Music Days 2018 festival in Helsinki and I’m excited to be hosting the seminar.

We have a great deal of presentations coming from the Nordic countries, given by Arnt Håkon Aanesen (Norway), Anu Ahola (Finland), Rebecka Ahvenniemi (Norway), Elfa Lilja Gísladóttir (Iceland), Katrine Gregersen Dal (Denmark), Friða Helgadóttir (Iceland), Lars Kynde (Denmark), Minna Leinonen (Finland), Østen Mikal Ore (Denmark), Heidi Partti (Finland), Riikka Talvitie (Finland), Martin Johnson Tibblin (Sweden) and myself.

I would like to thank Minna Leinonen and our festival team Hanna Kosonen and Maisa Mikkonen for their great cooperation in preparing this seminar as well as Central Helsinki Music School for arranging the festival venue for us. We wish to spark discussion and future collaboration in the field of pedagogy of composition on a Nordic level.


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