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September premieres with Lauri Sallinen & Seinäjoki City Orchestra and Patrik Kleemola

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Lauri Sallinen, the Seinäjoki City Orchestra and Patrik Kleemola give premieres of Markku Klami's new works in September 2021.
Photo of Patrik Kleemola (on the left) by Vesa Aaltonen. Photo of Lauri Sallinen (on the right) by Touko Hujanen.

Lauri Sallinen premieres Markku Klami's Clair for clarinet and large ensemble with the Seinäjoki City Orchestra on September 16, 2021. Patrik Kleemola releases weekly premieres of Klami's Etudes for guitar on his YouTube channel on Mondays from September 27 until November 29, 2021. Rondo Classic interviewed Klami for their September 2021 issue of the magazine.

Originally planned for January 2021, the premiere of Klami's Clair for clarinet and large ensemble was postponed to September due to the pandemic situation. Lauri Sallinen will perform the clarinet solo and lead the musicians of the Seinäjoki City Orchestra in the premiere on September 16, 2021 in Seinäjoki, Finland.

Etudes for guitar, a project long in the making is finally getting its YouTube premiere, where Patrik Kleemola will release video recordings of each 10 etudes coupled with discussion videos with Markku Klami. In the discussion videos, Kleemola and Klami talk about the pedagogical and musical aspects of each etude. This makes it possible for the audience to get a glimpse of the collaboration between the musician and composer, something that usually is not very visible to a broader audience.

The premiere series of Etudes will run on Kleemola's YouTube channel every Monday beginning on September 27 and closing on November 29, 2021. The videos continue to be accessible on Kleemola's YouTube channel after the premiere period.

Journalist Kimmo Korhonen interviewed Klami about the two works in question and their premieres and about his thoughts on composing in general. The interview, in Finnish, was published on the September 2021 issue of Rondo Classic magazine, the biggest monthly magazine in Finland with a focus on classical and contemporary music scene. The interview is accessible here:


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