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Hear & see

for alto flute and electronics

Kelley Barnett (of mise-en ensemble, New York), alto flute and electronics

Etudes: No. 6 'Puro (Stream)'
for guitar

Patrik Kleemola, guitar

for clarinet

Lucy Abrams, clarinet

Clair sketches
for clarinet, bandoneón and string quartet

Lauri Sallinen, clarinet, Henrik Sandås, bandoneón, Pasi Eerikäinen, violin, Annemarie Åström, violin, Jussi Tuhkanen, viola, Markus Hohti, cello

for guitar trio

Timo Korhonen, Mikko Ikäheimo and Janne Malinen, guitars

night signal
for male choir (divided in four groups around the audience)

The Polytech Choir

cond. Juha Kuivanen

from album Kuunteletko sinä (2013)

for guitar and electronics

Patrik Kleemola, guitar

from live recording EP Göreme (2019)

Cinque miniature
for guitar

Patrik Kleemola, guitar

from album Perchitarrasola (2012)

for electronics. Based on a melody by Adrian Oswalt

Markku Klami, electronics

from single verweilen (2020)

Göreme Echoes
for electronics

Markku Klami, electronics

from single Göreme Echoes (2018)

Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra

Lauri Sallinen, clarinet, Avanti!, cond. Jani Telaranta

In singleness...
for soprano and orchestra

Eija Räisänen, soprano, Avanti!, cond. Magnus Lindberg

for alto flute and live electronics

Hanna Kinnunen, alto flute, Markku Klami, electronics

for guitar duo

The Helsinki Guitar duo: Mikko Ikäheimo & Rody van Gemert, guitars

for quarter tone clarinet and quarter tone accordion

Helmi Malmgren, quarter tone clarinet, Veli Kujala, quarter tone accordion

for string orchestra

Turku Music Academy String Orchestra, cond. Markku Klami

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