For detailed information about the works, please click the categories below (opera, orchestra, chamber music etc.)

Croak – or the Unexpected Joys and Perils of Singing (2016-2018)

Puppet opera in two acts

Tulevaisuuden retki (2010)

Children's opera in one act

Värein (2015-2016)

String orchestra with piano and four percussion players (for young players)

FUME (2008, rev. 2010)

Concerto for clarinet and orchestra

In singleness... (2007)

Soprano and orchestra

L (2008)


sight – energy – vague – ocean (2005, rev. 2006)


Flow (2004)

String orchestra

Voyage (2018-2019)

Flute, clarinet and guitar

Karui (2018)

Quartertone clarinet and quartertone accordion

Clair (2017)

Clarinet, bandoneón and string quarter (with dancers)

karu (2014)

Guitar trio

Clair sketches (2012)

Clarinet, bandoneón and string quartet

red moon (2011)

String quartet

...and there's always music in the air." (2011)

Flute and string quartet

JÄÄ (2006)

Guitar duo

Glow (2005)

Clarinet, french horn, trumpet, percussion, harp and piano (four hands)

Etudes (2019-2020)

Guitar (work in progress)

Colori (2020)

Violin (for young players)

afore (2015)


ripples (2012)



TWIRL (2008)


Cinque miniature (2005-2006)


Colours in Blue (2002)


verweilen (2020)

Fixed electronics (soundtrack, 2 channels)

aava (2014-2015)

Guitar with fixed and live electronics (4 channels)

Göreme Echoes (2010)

Fixed electronics (soundtrack, 2 channels)

Göreme (2009)

Guitar with fixed electronics (2 channels)

aura (2009)

Alto flute with live electronics (2 or 4 channels)

Oi surkaa (2010)

8-voice vocal ensemble or choir (SSAATTBB)

night signal (2009)

Male choir divided in four groups around the audience (TTBB TTBB TTBB TTBB)

eikä merta enää ole (2007)

Boys' choir (SSAATTBB), may also be performed by mixed choir

REPEAT (2011)

Amplified flute with fixed and live electronics (2 channels) and video

Out fo the Cradle Endlessly Rocking (2009)

Clarinet, harp, accordion, soprano, percussion, violoncello with fixed and live electronics (2 channels) and video

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