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Edition Wilhelm Hansen publishes Markku Klami's Etudes for guitar

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Markku Klami: Etudes for guitar (2021), published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen
Markku Klami: Etudes for guitar (2021), published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen

The biggest music publisher in Scandinavia, Edition Wilhelm Hansen, has published Markku Klami's Etudes for guitar. Written for guitarist Patrik Kleemola with support from The Finnish Cultural Foundation and The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Etudes have sparked interest around the world with the 10-week YouTube release cycle of the work on Kleemola's YouTube channel from September 27 until November 29, 2021.

In his recent Adventures in Music blog article on Etudes, music journalist Jari Kallio writes:

"Within the realm of contemporary music for guitar, there’s a fascinating new score in town, namely a cycle of ten Etudes (2021) by Markku Klami, written for the Finnish guitarist Patrik Kleemola...


In musical terms, the Etudes seek to portray a series of moods and vistas often rooted in various natural phenomena, while maintaining their pedagogical goals. As a result, the cycle contains marvellously evocative musical settings, ideally suited for concert performances.


"As a whole, the Etudes constitutes an inspiring and insightful cycle of musical tableaux, delightfully adding up to the repertoire, in terms of pedagogue as well as concert programming. The ten-piece set brings together several stylistic layers, reworked into a logical musical continuum of evocation and reflection."

Sheet music for Etudes is available on major online sheet music shops including MusicShopEurope in the EU, MusicRoom in the UK and SheetMusicPlus in the USA as well as local music shops.


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