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Markku Klami’s FUME selected to the finals in Kaleidoscope’s 2020 Call for Scores in Los Angeles

Finalists of Kaleidoscope's 2020 Call for Score
Photo credit: the official Facebook page of Kaleidoscope

Los Angeles based orchestra Kaleidoscope received almost 8000 applications from composers in 86 countries in their 2020 Call for Scores.

189 works by 172 composers were selected to the final round, including Markku Klami’s clarinet concerto FUME.

Klami wrote FUME for clarinetist Lauri Sallinen, who gave the premiere performance with Avanti! Chamber Orchestra conducted by Jani Telaranta at Ung Nordisk Musik Festival in Helsinki in 2010.

Kaleidoscope’s annual call for scores has become one of their major programs, and most of the new music they have performed and most of the composers they have commissioned have been a part of this program. The primary goals of their call for scores are to build relationships with composers, to get to know new music that they would love to perform, and to amplify awareness of new music so more musicians and organizations will consider programming more new music.

This is the second time Klami reaches the finals in Kaleidoscope's annual Call for Scores. Last year, his clarinet sextet Clair sketches was selected to the final round.

More information on FUME can be found at my Orchestra music page. And if you like, be sure to listen to the first performance of the piece on SoundCloud. The performance was given by Lauri Sallinen, clarinet and Avanti! Chamber Orchestra conducted by Jani Telaranta at Ung Nordisk Music Festival in Helsinki.

FUME was selected to the Jury's list of recommended works in the 2nd International Uuno Klami Composition Competition.


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